You’ll find here an ongoing list of digital copies of all of documents I pass out in class. If you lose your hardcopy, or mess up, or just want a spare, you can always come here, click on the title of the document you need and print it out for yourself!

4th 6-weeks:

2 Dear Martin Annotation Packet

3 intro-martin-luther-king-jr MC

5 DM Reading Notes (Explained)

5 DM Reading Notes

7 Dear Martin Journal page

10 Arguments Against the Myth of the Superpredator

11 jabari-unmasked_MC

12 Dear Martin vs. _Florida Teen Killed…_

13 on-twitter-fake-news-MC

15 Pick a Song, Any Song

16 Editing and Revising Checklist

Warm Up Essay-follow the crowd

Warm Up Essay-Heroes


2nd & 3rd 6-Weeks (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Reading Notes

Reading Notes (Explained)

1st 6-weeks:

8/30 Lit Terms Crossword Puzzle

8/28 Lit term example packet (print 4x)

8/26 Lit Terms Notes

8/23 Lit Terms Annotation Packet

8/23 yellow pages

8/20 Vondra Syllabus