You’ll find here an ongoing list of digital copies of all of documents I pass out in class. If you lose your hardcopy, or mess up, or just want a spare, you can always come here, click on the title of the document you need and print it out for yourself!

Fourth 6-weeks:

4/5 HOMS Passage Questions #6 & HOMS Passage Questions #7

4/4 MC-Healing Brick City

4/2 MC-Malala

3/27 Warm Up Essay-First Impressions

3/26 HOMS Blackout Poetry (pick one page to print and use)

3/22 HOMS Passage Questions #2

3/21 MC The Rose that Grew

3/21 HOMS Annotation Packet

3/20 HOMS Passage Questions #1

3/20 HOMS Reading Notes (Explained)

3/20 HOMS Reading Notes

3/19 HOMS Cisneros Biography-Revision

Third 6-weeks

2/13 Pick a Song, Any Song

2/8 on-twitter-fake-news-MC

2/6 Florida Teen Killed…

2/4 jabari-unmasked_MC

2/4 Warm Up Essay-Adversity

1/24 Shemar Carson and Michael Brown

1/24 Warm Up Essay-follow the crowd

1/22 Use from Dear Martin, Ch. 3 with Dear Martin + The Hate U Give

1/18 Dear Martin Journal page

1/17 MLK Nobel Peace Prize Speech Beliefs

1/16 DM Reading Notes

1/16 DM Reading Notes (Explained)

1/14 Warm Up Essay-Heroes

1/11 Creative Project

1/11 intro-martin-luther-king-jr MC

1/11 Dear Martin Annotation Packet

2nd 6-weeks:

10/3 ELIC Annotation Packet

10/2 Reading Notes (Explained)

10/2 Reading Notes

10/1 ELIC Creative Project


1st 6-weeks:

9/13 Essay Organizer Notes (the Prezi that has the answers for the notes can be found here:

9/7 AHHS Pre-AP contract

9/4  Think About It

8/30 Lit term example packet (print 4x)

8/29 Lit Terms Notes

8/27 Lit Terms Annotation Packet

8/24 yellow pages

8/21 Vondra Syllabus