Mom’s Perspective

Mom’s Perspective

In the last chapter of “My Feelings” we read yesterday, we saw 9/11 and Dad’s funeral from Grandma’s perspective. We’ve already seen those days from Oskar’s perspective. Today, you are going to write about 9/11 and the funeral from Mom’s perspective. It will be written in 1st person POV. We never get to see Mom talk very much, so you’ll get to decide what her voice/writing style is like.

Here are the events of the day that we’ve found out from other’s perspective. Use them to piece together what those days were like from Mom’s perspective

  • Mom was at work (she’s a lawyer)
  • Mom called Grandma when the first tower was hit. She was worried because she hadn’t heard from Thomas Jr. (pg. 225)
  • Grandma called Mom back, Mom asked her to go watch Oskar and not let him watch the news and tell him everything will be OK (pg. 225)
  • Mom decides she’s going to walk home because the subways are a mess. It’ll take her an hour to get home (226)
  • She told Grandma she loved her (226)
  • Mom got home and gave Oskar a fierce hug (228)
  • She asked Oskar if Dad had called or if he left messages, Oskar says no (228)
  • She calls police, newspapers, fire stations (229)
  • She made flyers and put them in a suitcase and took them downtown (229)
  • She didn’t get back home until late (230)
  • Mom sends Grandma home because she needs to sleep (231)
  • She cries when Grandma tells her she loves her (231)
  • Mom is the one who wanted a funeral even though there was no body (232)
  • In the limo to the funeral she is squeezing something in her bag (5)
  • Mom asks Oskar about giving keys to the apartment away (6-7)
  • She’s wearing a bracelet Oskar made for her (7)
  • At the funeral, Oskar makes a sound like a wounded animal and Mom holds him as they put dirt on the coffin (232)
  • They are all silent on the limo ride home (233)

Your retelling from Mom’s perspective should be AT LEAST a page and a half (1 1/2)

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