Parent Check In 11/20

Parent Check In 11/20

Before you write your Parent Check In, make sure you’ve calculated what you need to reach your goal semester grade using the grade calculator above.

STEP 1: Log in to your email. Also through the page you can log in to Focus and see what your grade is right now.
STEP 2: Create a new message to send. In the “To” line, type your parent’s email address. In the “CC” line, type my email address ( This copies me in on the email so that I can see that you sent it and I can give you a grade for sending it (YES, it’s a grade).
STEP 3: The subject line of the email should sayy “English Check In”.
STEP 4: Copy and paste the following message into the body of the email, then change/complete the sentences and blanks (__) so that it makes sense for you.
Copy and paste:

Hi __________,
I just wanted to update you on how things were going for me. My goal for my semester grade is a ____%, which means I’d have to get at least a _____% for this third 6-weeks and for my final exam. Right now I have a ___in Mrs. Vondra’s Pre-AP English I class. This is mainly because ________________. I know I have two and a half weeks left in the 6-weeks (not including Thanksgiving break). Over these two weeks I’m planning on __________. Like I’ve said before I want to be the type of person who _________________, so moving forward I’m going to focus on __________________.
I have weekly homework in Mrs. Vondra’s class (Membean and No Red Ink). It has been going ______________because ______________. I’m also reading a book outside of class. The book I picked to read is called ____________ and I’m _____% finished with it. I know that I have to have it completely read by December 12th.
I’m going to be following up with you in about two and a half weeks to update you on how this 6-weeks finished out. Thanks for taking the time to partner with me.

STEP 5: When you are finished filling out the email message, it’s addressed to your parent, and I’m in the CC line, press SEND. You’re done!

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