5th & 6th 6-Weeks Announcements

5th & 6th 6-Weeks Announcements

Hi y’all!

Before we get into the details of the upcoming weeks, in case you didn’t hear, I just wanted you to know that my sweet daughter, Bethany Kay, was born this past Friday, 4/3. She’s pretty perfect, and we’re already obsessed with her. 💕

Now on to explain how the next several weeks will work since I’ll be on maternity leave. In a normal world (one where we were still attending the brick and mortar of AHHS) a sub would have just come in and taught lessons I left behind. Obviously, our world is anything but normal right now. So, let’s take this one detail at a time.

5th 6-Weeks

We were in the middle of the 5th 6-weeks, reading The House on Mango Street, when we went on Spring Break. Then, because of Covid-19, we had an extended 2-week break. When that happened, I made a post where I explained that you could be working on anything that you were missing and email me the completed work and I’d replace the grades (many of you have been doing this and I’ve let you know how it affected your grade as you did). I also said any of the additional assignments I ended up assigning when we didn’t know if/when we’d be going back to school would be extra credit if completed. Those assignments are now in the gradebook. I’ve attached PDF gradesheets by student ID numbers below so you can see what your grade is looking like.

In case you didn’t see the announcement from the District a few days ago, you should know that they’ve declared that all classes across the board will be on a Pass/Fail basis. This means you will not get a numeric grade average for the 5th (or 6th) 6-weeks. You will simply either pass or fail. If you pass, you get credit; if you fail, you don’t. That also means that this semester will not count towards your overall GPA. In this crazy situation, we are simply concerned with making sure you get credit for your classes.

All of that is to say: if you are failing this course on those spreadsheets above, that means you will recieve a “Fail” for the 5th 6-weeks unless you get me work. (If you’re not failing, you’re done for this 6-weeks. Passing with a 71% is the same as passing with a 99%. Passing is passing.) As always, if you’re failing, the quickest way to get your grade up is to turn in missing assignments. The district is mandating that all teachers accept late work through 4/10. However, since I have been incommunicado this week due to Bethany being born, I will accept late work through 4/12 to give you a little extra time to get work in. Email me any electronic copies of work, pictures of handwritten work, notifications if you made up NRI, whatever you need to do to communicate your make up work to me by 4/12.

Lastly, with the start of this week, the district is making everyone deliver lessons through a program called Edgenuity (I’m sure you’ve been told this through your other classes) so we won’t have time to officially finish The House on Mango Street, which I hate… If you’d like to finish the book on your own, just to know how it ends, here is a PDF copy of the book. We left off on page 61:

6th 6-Weeks

The 6th 6-weeks technically started on Monday, but since I couldn’t get on until now update y’all on what was going on, there was no mandated assignment this week—either on this website or Edgenuity. For us, the 6-weeks will start this upcoming week. Starting this next week, our class will be moved in its entirety to Edgenuity. Please know this is not my decision in the least. This is coming straight down from the district. I had a whole cool Independent Reading Unit planned, but we have to do Edgenuity instead.

Like I said earlier, in a normal world, I’d have a sub right now as I’m on maternity leave. But, we can’t call in a sub for Edgenuity and Distance Learning because they wouldn’t have access to the program or you guys. That said, some other AHHS teachers are stepping in to help y’all out while I’m on leave:

Coach Penix

Coach Penix is going to be the one in charge of grading your Edgenuity lessons and assignments. If you have any questions regarding your grades for the 6th 6-weeks, email her at Julianne.Penix@fwisd.org.

Ms. Prokof

FIRST PERIOD, Ms. Prokof is who you are going to go to if you have questions over Edgenuity or the assignments. Ms. Prokof also teaches English I and would be happy to help you. Period one, in Google Classroom, join her class with the code: 6s4lxjl. She’ll then have Zoom meetings and resources available to help you. Her email, if you need it, is Michelle.Prokof@fwisd.org.

Mrs. Evans

THIRD and FIFTH PERIODS, Mrs. Evans is who you are going to go to if you have questions over Edgenuity or the assignments. Mrs. Evans also teaches English I and II and would be happy to help you. Periods three and five, in Google Classroom, join her class with the code: hcnw3we. She’ll then have Zoom meetings and resources available to help you. Her email, if you need it, is Paula.Evans@fwisd.org.

Weekly Assignments on Edgenuity

Instructions for Logging on to Edgenuity:

  1.  Go to the FWISD home page.
  2. In the pull down menu in the top right corner go to “Students” and click there.
  3. In the student section, find the icon that says “My FWISD Class Link Portal” and click on it.
  4. That will take you to the app page. Find the icon for “Edgenuity” and click.  All of the classes you are enrolled in will be there. Just pick one and get started!

Starting this next week with Unit 2 (we don’t have to worry about Unit 1), you’ll complete your weekly assignments and Coach Penix will grade them. Communicate with Ms. Prokof (first period) and Mrs. Evans (third and fifth periods) if you need help with anything. Every week new assignments will be posted for you in Edgenuity. Good luck! Don’t be afraid to ask for help just because it’s not me. We’re all here for you!

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