Another District Thing

Another District Thing

Step 1.

Log in to

and click on “Eduphoria”

Step 2.

Click on the English option (if you have multiple classes listed).

Then click on the title of the story (on the left) and the text will pop up so that you have the story and multiple-choice questions side-by-side.

Step 3.

Use Control – to zoom out to see the whole story at once (Control + will zoom back in).

Step 4.

Answer all multiple choice questions.

Step 5.

When you are finished, you can work on any late/make-up work or extra credit (other than Membean, as that had to be done in tutoring). Anything you need to turn in has to be put in your class’ folder on my desk TODAY. I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT MONDAY. If you make up NRI or do an extra credit hour of Membean, just email me and I’ll go pull a grade for you. If you are donating a book for extra credit, make sure you have your name in it and leave it on my desk next to the folders.

If you are done with everything for my class, you are welcome to work on something for another class.

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