Extra Credit

Extra Credit

I offer four types of extra credit every 6-weeks. You may do each opportunity once every six-weeks, equaling a total of three extra credit 100%’s and one lowest grade dropped available to you every six-weeks.

You may do any sort of writing outside of class (journaling, songs, raps, poems, short stories, fan fiction, letter writing, etc.) and bring it in for me to read. You can receive an extra credit 100% for this.

You may read an extra 50 pages (or more) than the required 250 pages of your Independent Reading (for a total of 300+ pages). This will result in an extra credit 100%. Note: all extra reading, in addition to normal Independent Reading, must be at or above the individual student’s current Lexile level.

You may do an extra 60 minutes on Membean over the course of the 6 weeks. This will be an extra credit 100% (it will not replace a 0% if you missed a week of Membean work, it will simply add another 100% to the mix). IMPORTANT: if you do this extra credit, you must come tell me that you have done it. I will not go check for extra minutes on my own accord.

You may donate an old novel to my classroom library (no children’s picture books) and I will drop your lowest daily grade.