First Parent Check In

First Parent Check In

Today we are going to use the “Think About It” sheets to kick off something we’ll do every 3 weeks: emailing your parent. Like we talked about yesterday, you are more than school and you have to intentionally choose the person you want to become. These emails will be a way that we can continue revisiting how you are doing on your goals. It will give you the opportunity to practice being accountable for your work and taking responsibility for your own life. I’ve been telling you for the past three weeks I’m going to treat you like adults because this is high school. Consider this your introduction to adulthood.


Log in to your email. (You can get to your student email here if you don’t have a personal one: Log in like you do on the computer, click on Office 365 and then click on Outlook )


Create a new message to send . In the “To” line, type your parent’s email address. In the “CC” line, type my email address ( This copies me in on the email so that I can see that you sent it and I can give you a grade for sending it (YES, it’s a grade).


The subject line of the email should say “First Check In”.


Copy and paste the following message into the body of the email, then change/complete the sentences and blanks (__________) so that it makes sense for you. TIP: If you double click the blank and then start typing, the blank is replaced by your words.

Copy and paste:


Hi _______________ ,

We’re starting this year a little differently than other classes. In my English class, my teacher, Mrs. Vondra, is helping me think through what is important to me, what I want to accomplish this year, and what my plan is to get it done. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

It’s important to me that ____________________________________________________.

I want to be the kind of person that _________________________________________.

As a student, it’s important to me that ______________________________________.

I have the expectation of myself that I will _________________________________.

In school, I have the expectation of myself that I will _______________________.

A goal I have for myself in high school is to _________________________________ and I plan on accomplishing it by ___________________________________________.

A goal I have for myself this year is to ______________________________________ and I plan on accomplishing it by __________________________________________.

A goal I have for myself in English class is to _______________________________ and I plan on accomplishing it by___________________________________________.

Every week in English class I have three types of homework: grammar homework on, vocabulary homework on, and reading a book of my choice for Independent Reading. I know that Membean and NoRedInk are due every week on Sunday at 5pm. These will start next week. I also know that I have this week to finish my summer reading, which is due on Friday.

Mrs. Vondra has a class website,, where we can always find her class calendar, homework reminders, late work and extra credit policies, and PDF versions of all documents she hands out in class. So far in this class I am looking forward to _________________________________________ and I am not looking forward to ___________________________ because _____________________________. Overall, I commit to ___________________________.

I’m going to be following up with you about every three weeks to update you on how my goals and plans are working out. Thanks for taking the time to partner with me.




When you are finished filling out the email message, it’s addressed to your parent, and I’m in the CC line, press SEND. You’re done!

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