Parent Check In 2/19

Parent Check In 2/19

Today we are going to check in with your goals and update your parent/guardian as to how things are going.
Like we talked about a the first 6-weeks, you have to intentionally choose the person you want to become. The second six-weeks is officially over and now we need to revisit how your goals are going.


Log in to your email. (You can get to your student email here if you don’t have a personal one: Log in like you do on the computer, click on Office 365 and then click on Outlook.) Also through the my.fwisd page you can log in to Focus and see what your final grade was for the first six-weeks.


Create a new message to send . In the “To” line, type your parent’s email address. In the “CC” line, type my email address ( This copies me in on the email so that I can see that you sent it and I can give you a grade for sending it (YES, it’s a grade).


The subject line of the email should say “English Check In”.


Copy and paste the following message into the body of the email, then change/complete the sentences and blanks (__) so that it makes sense for you. (Remember if you double-click the blanks and then type it deletes the blank and leaves only your words.

Copy and paste:

Hi ____________,
I just wanted to update you on how things were going for me. Last 6-weeks I got a _____% in Mrs. Vondra’s Pre-AP English I class. This is mainly because ____________________. Moving forward, I plan to do _________________ differently because I expect more from myself. Like I’ve said before I want to be the type of person who ________________, so moving forward I’m going to focus on ____________________.
My goal for English class was ___________________. So far it’s going _______________. I plan on continuing to _______________ (OR I plan on starting to ____________________). This six-weeks I really want to ________________ and I’m going to accomplish that by ___________________.
Recently I’ve been learning about ___________________. I want to learn more about/I’m still kind of confused by/This made me think of ______________________.
I’m doing good/not good on my commitment to ______________________. Moving forward I plan on _______________________.
I’m going to be following up with you about every three weeks to update you on how my goals and plans are working out. Thanks for taking the time to partner with me.



P.S. This email is my first 100% of the fifth six-weeks

STEP 5: When you are finished filling out the email message, it’s addressed to your parent, and I’m in the CC line, press SEND. You’re done!

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