Work for 3/30-4/3

Work for 3/30-4/3

Hi everyone! This week’s assignment is to plan and write an essay. I’m trying a new tech tool that *should* allow our normal essay warm up packet to be editable on computers. You’ll work through all of the steps just like we would in class. You’ll notice this version doesn’t have my normal “hints” on it. Feel free to use past essays to help remember what parts go where.

Here is the essay:

When you open it, DOWNLOAD it or open with DOCHUB or open with LUMIN. Do NOT open with GoogleDocs. It won’t work. You can then click in all of the places you would normally write and type your planning and essay.

When you are finished, you may either copy the link and email it to me (if you saved it in your GoogleDrive) or email me the PDF file (if you’d saved it on your computer.

If you’d rather print the paper, hand write on it, and then email a picture or scan of your work, you’re welcome to do that too. Whatever is easiest for you.

As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything.

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